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Notice to all Current and Future Patients

At Renew Dermatology, we take great pride in billing your services accurately and in a timely manner. In order to provide the best in our billing services, please be aware that It is the sole responsibility of the patient to provide our office with accurate and updated information regarding your insurance policy BEFORE your visit to our office. Failure to provide us with accurate information MAY result in additional fees and the balance of your visit being dropped to patient responsibility. Please also note that ANY outstanding balance that is unpaid 30 DAYS will be subject to ANY & ALL added collections fees upon submission of the balance to the collection agency.  Thank you for your attention to this matter!

For further information, see our Billing FAQ's below or reach out to us at 970-409-4000.

In order to keep our doors open and continue providing excellent care, we need to get paid for the services we provide. It's common sense for most of us that if you have received a serivce, you should then pay for it. This goes for any business, whether it's in the medical field or your cable company. 

If you've ever been to another medical office of any kind, you will know that payment in full is expected either at the time of service, or after your insurance has been billed. The same is true for our office. Please be aware that all patients are 100% responsible for any costs of your SERVICES that are not covered by insurance for ANY reason with no exceptions. All INSURANCE patients are required by Federal law as of January 1st, 2022 to sign an Advanced Beneficiary of Noncoverage form prior to being seen for any visit. This form DETAILS THE CHARGES THAT WILL BE SENT TO YOUR INSURANCE PROVIDER,  gives us consent to bill you directly for ANY & ALL charges that are not covered by insurance, AND also confirms that it is patient's responsibility to call their insurance to check on specifics of coverage, deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance details BEFORE coming in to an office to get services. 

You may see some disgruntled reviews on our social media pages regarding this issue but please note that, as a medical practice, we are held to the highest HIPAA standards and can not comment on any of them, even those who are not found to be our patients but instead are shown to be competitors posting negativity for ulterior motives.    Failure to pay your balance in a timely manner after 30 days due will result in the balance being submitted to collections with added fees and may result in inability for us to see you until your balance is paid in full. 

We truly feel privileged to serve you and love taking care of you and your loved ones. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care, and if you have experienced our care before, you know the difference in the kind of thorough treatment and services we provide that is unlike any other office. Please treat us with the same respect by paying your bills on time and/or taking care of your balance promptly when our office reaches out with a courtesy call to help you avoid collections. 

Please reference the FAQ's below for other commonly asked billing questions:

1. Q: What Insurance Policies does your office accept?

A: We are able to bill to a variety of insurances including:

- Cigna

- United Healthcare

-United Medical Resources aka UMR (cannot accept if associated with BGV or RMHP)

- Aetna 

- Lucent Health

- Most Medicare/Medicare Advantage Plans (We do not accept Railroad Medicare)

- Freedom Life 

- United Health One

-Golden Rule

- All Savers

- Liberty 

- Tricare / VA insurance

- Vail Resorts Insurance 

2. Q: I haven't received a bill for my services, why am I receiving a call from your office that I have an outstanding balance?

A: Please be aware that although we do send bills out to you, we cannot be responsible for the speed at which USPS delivers your bill to you, or the accuracy in which the bill gets to you (as those of us who live here year-round or part-time know that the mail system is one of our biggest complaints!)  Please also note that it is YOUR responsibility to update our office in event that you should move or change your mailing address, so that the bill can be sent to the correct place. As most know, the mail system here in Summit County can be very slow at times. All of our bills come with the name DESTINATION DERMATOLOGY LLC on them with our mailing address:

              265 Dillon Ridge Rd Ste C402-163

                          Dillon, CO 80435


If you are receiving a call from our office, it does mean that you have a balance outstanding that is 30 days old that could be sent to collections if not paid.

3. Q: What should I do once I receive my bill from your office? Can I wait to pay it and try to get my insurance to pay out first?

A: Upon receiving your bill, you should call our office as soon as possible to make payment for the outstanding amount, or use the "Make Payment Tab" on our website to submit your payment automatically. By the time you have received a bill or a courtesy call from us, our billing team has already been in contact with your insurance and has verified that they will not pay out any further for your visit. Although you may be able to have your insurance reimburse you for the costs, this should happen at a later date AFTER the balance owed has been paid to our office. We can then provide you with a receipt to turn into your insurance for possible reimbursement. If you choose to take the bill to your insurance before making payment to us, your balance may be sent to collections with added fees.

4. Q: Does your office accept Medicaid or Health First Colorado Plans? 

A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept any "MEDICAID" or "Health First Colorado Plans". Additionally, we are unable to accept any form of self payment if you have this type of insurance as this could result in a large consequences for both the patient and our office with possible termination of benefits for the patient from MEDICAID or HEALTH FIRST COLORADO plans.

5. Q: I have an insurance that is not accepted at your office, can I Self pay for my visit?

A: There are several insurances that we can accept cash pay for. These include:

- Anthem BCBS 

- Bright Health 

- First Friday Health 

-Kaiser Permanente

6.Q: I want to pay off my bill, what is the best way for me to do so?

A: The best way to get your bill taken care of and avoid added fees for late payment is to call our office or our billing team to pay the balance over the phone using a credit card. While we do accept checks, the Summit County mail system could delay us receiving your check in a timely matter. Please reach out to our billing department at 855-577-6633 Option 1 to take care of your balance over the phone. They can provide you with an email receipt for your payment for your records. You can also now pay online by clicking here .

7. Q: I have been contacted by the collection agency for an overdue bill, should I still call your office or billing department to take care of the bill?

A: If you have already been contacted by the collection agency, you must pay the balance in full through the collection agency and we CANNOT accept payment through our office or billing department once the balance has been sent to collections. Please also be aware that a balance in collections requires payment in FULL before being allowed to be seen back in our office. 

8. Q: I have two insurances, but I am not sure which one is my secondary and which one is my primary. Can your office call and figure it out when I come in for my appointment?

A: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.... KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! It is the patient's responsibility to coordinate their benefits with both (or multiple) insurances BEFORE coming to our office for your appointment. Due to HIPAA regulations, we are legally not allowed to call your insurance and ask these questions on your behalf. Please know ANY AND ALL policy parameters as well as Deductible and Copay information BEFORE your appointment. If you have questions regarding your insurance, you should call the number on the back of your card next to 'Member Services' for more information.


9. Q: I do not have any insurance but still want to be seen at Renew Dermatology, is there any discount if I self pay?

A: WE BELIEVE IN GIVING GREAT DEALS!!! If you are with any of the insurances listed above in Question #5, or know you have a high deductible plan that you won't meet for the year, our memberships may be exactly what you are looking for! Our cash pay & Membership prices are time based, meaning that we charge on the amount of time we spend with you for your procedure or exam. Our Self pay prices are most often a 50% discount from the amount that would be billed to your insurance for the same services. All payments are due at the time of service. For a full list of our Self Pay and Membership pricing, click the link below. For more information about our awesome medical and cosmetic memberships, see the Membership page! 

10. Q: I am looking to make an appointment but I am short on time. Can I do my Botox/Filler and my Full Skin Exam in the same appointment to save time? 

A: Medical and Cosmetic services are billed differently, and we cannot bill cosmetic services to any insurance. Therefore, cosmetic and medical services MUST be two separate appointments. In very rare circumstances when our schedule allows we are able to fit in two appointments back to back on the same day, but please reach out to our office so we can best accommodate your needs. 

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