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Immediate Position Available
Medical Office Assistant    4-Day Workweek

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We have several positions available. If you are interested please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!


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Medical Office Assistant
Now Hiring - Medical Assistant / Office Assistant
***1 Year Commitment Required, Serious Inquiries only***
Come join our awesome team at Renew Dermatology! 
Job Duties / Description:

(a)- To answer the phone, make appointments, check patients in and out, and welcome/greet all patients courteously with complete respect, confidentiality and professionalism.

(b) – Ensure each and every patient or patient guardian/representative completes appropriate paperwork ACCURATELY regarding their past medical and surgical and family and social history/allergies/current medications/etc. with information entered correctly into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system before the patient is evaluated by our providers.

(c) – Comply with all state and federal rules and regulations at all times, including but not limited to HIPAA, OSHA, and CLIA. 

(d) – Promote a professional work environment in which all team members work constructively with each other for the greater good of the office and all who use our facility, use open and honest communication in a respectful manner to resolve any and all conflicts that arise, and refuse to tolerate unprofessional treatment of others in the process of providing Extraordinary and Exemplary service to our patients.

(e) – Ensure appropriate paperwork generated in the office or sent electronically is appropriately scanned into specific patient files and folders accurately and efficiently.

(f)—Take vital signs and take patients into a room to get ready for their exam with appropriate area to be evaluated uncovered before provider enters the room.

(g)—Assist with in-office procedures and surgeries to include but not limited to wound care and dressings, cauterizing, skin biopsies, excisions, Mohs’ micrographic surgery, skin grafts and flaps, incision and drainage, and cosmetic procedures such as Botox and filler injection.

(h)—Sterilizing of all surgical instruments in auto-clave daily followed by sterile packing and preparation of surgical trays for upcoming procedures.

(i)—Inventory of medical, cosmetic and office supplies supplies continuously with re-ordering done in advance before we run out of the item by the provider Kelly Ballou or Administrative Assistant.

(j)—Filling of liquid nitrogen canisters every morning from large supply and emptying any remaining liquid nitrogen back into large supply container before leaving each day.

(k)-- Keeping track of all passwords and protected information related to Employer as this information is updated and only using safe and secure websites and software as approved by the Employer.

(l)—Other management and associated duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the employee.

(m)— See Renew “Ambassador of First Impressions” Responsibilities list attached for more detail on above.

(n) – Employee will be responsible for being trained on and accurately documenting and/or scribing all interactions and important information that occurs for each patient (whether source of information is Employee themselves, patient, providers, or other staff) consistently and efficiently during each visit, phone call, email, or other correspondence in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). In doing so, Employee acknowledges and agrees that this is a legal document that can be used in any and all legal proceedings that arise out of the Employees documentation in such manner and which Employee may be called upon at any time to legally defend and confirm what he/she documents. 

(o) – Employee will assist with any and all duties, tasks and procedures she has been shown to be qualified to perform per Kelly Ballou, Managing Member, including but not limited to First Assisting with medical, cosmetic and surgical procedures, injecting patients with local anesthetic, using the autoclave to sterilize instruments, wound care and dressings, cauterizing, assisting with Mohs’ micrographic surgery, ILK injections, incision and drainage, and cosmetic procedures such as assisting with Botox and filler injections along with being asked to complete trainings in any associated necessary programs including but not limited to products used in office, OSHA, HIPAA and CLIA certification.

 (p) - Communicate with Colorado State CLIA laboratory licensing staff assigned to our office to create and accurately document any and all forms required including but not limited to Standards of Procedure Protocols, quality control measures and any other information requested for the appropriate lab functions that will be performed at Renew Dermatology, including but not limited to In-office Provider Microscopy Readings, urine dip testing, and all procedures and tissue processing related to Mohs’ Micrographic Surgery.

(q) – Do all preparatory work and changes to Renew Dermatology office to ensure that the Colorado state recommended laboratory guidelines are being followed, including any and all updates and new guidelines as they become available, and compliance is met for all rules/regulations to ensure passing of the CLIA inspection during 1st visit.

(r) – Creating various agreements and documents as needed for office and patient needs.

(s) – Employee agrees and acknowledges that, to perform optimally in the office, studying and learning outside of paid hours in the office will be required and are accepted as part of the training in a new career that Employer is offering and that any hours spent outside the office in the pursuit of further knowledge in Dermatology/medicine/health/wellness are non-paid unless otherwise stated in writing and signed by both Employee and Employer.

(t) – Using Excel, Word, QuickBooks, SR fax, and the Electronic Health Record software used by the Employer on a daily basis to perform necessary tasks as requested accurately and efficiently.

We are seeking an upbeat, professional candidate who is passionate about patient care and all things Dermatology! If this sounds like you, apply using the form below today!

Licensed Aesthetician

Now Hiring - Esthetician or Medical Aesthetician

Are you the type person who has a strong desire to take care of people and you value the importance of attention to detail?

When you start a task, seeing that it is completed to the best of your ability is something that you can’t compromise on.

If you are not a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, we can train you to have the “Medical” designation within our organization.

We are looking for someone who has the desire to give excellent service to the locals and visitors of Summit County, Colorado. Some of the services a strong candidate will need to be familiar with or have a background in are the following:

- (PRP) Platelet-Rich Plasma to be used in:

- Skin Pen Microneedling
- Hair Restoration
- Skin resurfacing

In addition to knowledge in:

Chemical peels
Medical Grade skin care products

Our team works 7a-5p on Monday, Tues, Thurs and Friday with benefits as noted above for those who qualify after 4 months of Full-Time employment:

- Compensation based on experience.

If after reading this something has sparked your interest or if this is the change that you have been waiting for submit your resume and apply at or or text Kelly at 309-287-1909.

We look forward to having you as a part of your team!

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