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What is a Liquid Face Lift???

If you're wondering what this procedure entails,  you're in the right place! A typical liquid face lift at Renew Dermatology includes the following product that is injected all in one sitting:

  1. 200 units of Botox to the entire face

  2. 2 syringes Voluma Juvederm Collection Filler

  3. 2 syringes Vollure Juvederm Collection Filler

A liquid Face lift Procedure is a great alternative the the traditional "face lift" and gives you a refreshed look without going under the knife! Take a look below at a few of our patients that have done this procedure and their results!


Patient Morgan M.

Before Treatment Pictures

MM pre tx1 - Copy.jpg
mm post tx1 (1)_00_00.jpg
mm post botox 6_page-0001.jpg

After Treatment Pictures

MM post filler 1.jpg
MM post 10.jpg
mm post tx1_00_00.jpg
MM post botox 2.jpg
MM post botox smiling 1 (1).jpg
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