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You have questions, we have answers.

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1. Will I get bruising after Botox and Filler injections on my
face and neck?

It is highly likely but not definite that you will get
bruising and/or swelling that can last 1-4 weeks after the
procedure, depending on the individual healing of each patient.
Both Botox AND filler require a needle to deliver the product to
the appropriate places and, as the above picture shows, you
have a lot of blood vessels in this area that are underneath the
areas that need to be treated for optimal aesthetic results to
combat the effects of aging. I always tell my patients to plan

the appointment AS IF you are going to bruise and have a good
story ready if you are not comfortable disclosing your cosmetic
habits to others (i.e….”that tree sure whapped me good on that
hike this week!”)


2. Are Botox and filler safe? Answer:

Botox has been extensively researched for 30 years and is
found to be extremely safe when handled by well-trained
providers. It has been found to be effective in treating wrinkles
in the face, prominent neck bands, migraines, depression, and
bladder symptoms/some side effects of those with bladder cancer.

Hyaluronic acid fillers (the only type I use) have been
researched and available for regular use almost 20 years. These
are the favored type of filler products because there is a
reversible product that will dissolve any filler injected if needed
due to adverse side effects/undesirable results. This feature is
NOT available with any of the other types of fillers. This
synthetic filler version of the hyaluronic acid we already have in
our bodies (but start losing in our faces in our 20’s) is so closely
matched to what we already have in our bodies that our
immune system immediately recognizes it as “friendly” and
cross-links with it so that it looks more natural than other filler products.

3. How long after I get Botox and Filler injections on my face
and neck will I see some results/improvement? Answer:

Botox – You may start seeing some improvement within a few
days after it is injected but the FULL effect of Botox takes place
2 weeks after injections. (this is why we usually do not inject
any further Botox in the same areas until it has been at least 2
weeks to make sure we do not over-treat or cause asymmetry
by injecting too soon).

Filler – Improvement in filler is immediate after the procedure,
however, true results will need to be evaluated by your
provider once any bruising and swelling that were present from
the procedure subside, usually ~2-3 weeks.


               4. I have had Filler injected before, but I am looking for a procedure that will "lift" my face back to make me look more youthful, is there a way to do this with injectables? 

Answer: YES! This is a special technique that can be used with filler which most refer to as "tacking". Not all injectors are trained on how to do this, but since I have been injecting for 23+ years and am trained as a master Injector, this is part of my process for individuals who are looking for this type of lift. 



4. How long do Botox and Filler injections on my face and
neck usually last? Answer:

Botox – Per extensive studies and research, the effects of
Botox generally last for 2-4 months in the average person
(some people notice it lasts longer and some notice it
wears off faster than this) before your body metabolizes
this product and the muscles are again able to do what
was stopped with the Botox injections.

Filler – I only use fillers that last 1.5-2 years in the clinical
research trials, including Juvéderm Vollure and Voluma.

But unlike Botox, filler will build upon what you already
have and then on previous injections so the studies show
you will never go back to baseline of when you started
injections. (An AMAZING incentive to continue your
cosmetic journey once you start it!)

“DERM NERD” Wisdom: ***Just remember, aging is a
MARATHON and NOT A SPRINT…the procedures to
improve your appearance should be thought of in the
same way. You will not get Botox or filler once and expect
this to last the rest of your lifetime, just like you know that
1 push-up is not going to make you into a Chiseled God or Goddess. ��

5. What is the cost of Botox and filler? Answer:

Botox – Usually $10-14 per unit

Filler – Each syringe has 1ml of product (about 1/5
teaspoon) and costs $700-$900 per syringe.

6. How many units of Botox are recommended by the
manufacturer to treat each area? Answer:

Glabella (frown lines in between eyebrows) = Minimum of 20 units

Forehead (surprised/raised eyebrow lines) = Minimum of 20 units
Crows Feet (smile lines by eyes) = Minimum of 12 units per side
Upper lip = 4-6 units total.

Depressor Angular Oris (stops the downward turn of your
mouth/ looks like you are always frowning) = Minimum of 4
units per side.

Dimpling of chin = Minimum of 2-3 units per side.

7. Can I have more information on the “Microneedling with
PRP” procedure you recommend for the face? Answer:

ABSOLUTELY! This is one of my favorite procedures
because you get HUGE RESULTS in your skin with generally 1-
2 days of “down-time.” (most people only look red like when
you get a sunburn for 24-48 hours after the procedure, then
you look normal again but with a radiant and healthy glow
and super smooth skin!).

This procedure is one of the best techniques to improve:

  • Sun damaged/unevenly pigmented skin with dark and light spots

  • Acne scars

  • Dark bags, saggy skin and under-the-eye dark circles

  • Bumpy complexion

  • Rejuvenates “tired and aged skin” by stimulating collagen

  • production, decreasing wrinkles and signs of aging

  • Reduces large pore appearance

  • Decreases prominent red blood vessel appearance on the skin

8. What can I expect with the “Microneedling with PRP”
procedure you recommend for the face? Answer:

1. You will sign forms documenting your understanding and
consent for the procedure and this step includes both pre-
procedure and post-procedure information to support you
in getting optimal results/outcome from this procedure.

2. A trained staff member will draw your blood and put it in a
centrifuge, which separates “the good stuff for skin” and
the “awful stuff that increases signs of aging.” Only the
good stuff will be saved so that it can be “channeled into
your skin” to activate your body at a cellular level.

3. Pictures will be taken to document your skin appearance
both before and after the procedure.

4. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed with multiple
medical-grade products and warm towels to not only
remove any make-up, lotions, and OTC products you are
using, but our special products will also remove dead skin

cells, sweat, and toxins that have built up on your skin and
can contribute to dull and aged skin appearance.

5. Your face will be covered with a topical anesthetic to
decrease any pain related to the procedure and this will be
removed with warm towels before the procedure begins.

6. The FDA-approved Skin Pen will be placed on the skin and
a grid pattern will be used to cover your entire face
(except for ears and areas too close to your eyes) while the
provider places your PRP (platelet-rich plasma or “the
good stuff”) on your skin, then uses the Skin Pen to open
up tiny channels in your skin so this PRP can work at a
cellular level to create the most significant change in your skin.

7. If the provider confirms you are a good candidate, some
of the PRP will be injected with a needle (increases risk of
bruising/swelling) beneath each eye.

8. Then a final layer of PRP is allowed to dry/set on your skin
for 5-10 minutes before the provider places a mixture of
medical grade moisturizers and skin-enhancing mask on
your face which you will leave in place without showering

9. It is best to avoid UV exposure for 24-48 hours after this

9. What do PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections do for hair
loss on the scalp? Answer


PRP injections in both men and women for hair
loss on the scalp have been found to be sometimes as
effective at hair regrowth as hair transplant for many
people and PRP injections are much more affordable than
hair transplant. The optimal results are obtained with PRP
injections into the scalp ONCE PER MONTH FOR 4
CONSECUTIVE MONTHS and then the patient needs to do
repeat treatments 1-2 TIMES PER YEAR after that as
maintenance to maintain good hair growth. The best
results are when a multi-factorial approach is taken which
includes the above treatment regimen in addition to
topical applications daily and Nutrafol vitamins daily.

10. Where is your favorite location to get your cosmetic
injections and procedures done? Answer:

RENEW DERMATOLOGY in Frisco, Colorado, OF COURSE. ��


Kelly Ballou, PA-C has been injecting patients for 23
years in one way, shape or form so you know that you are in
good hands with a provider who firmly believes in treating her
patients the way she knows they deserve to be treated. See you soon!


11. How do I leave a review?

We appreciate your reviews. And we love any feedback you can offer, both negative and positive. We only have one request- if you had a less than stellar experience, please contact us first. Give us the opportunity to make things right before you blast us on social media. Like all businesses, we are not perfect. We strive to make every Renew Dermatology client a client for life.

In addition, it is every individual’s responsibility to know their own insurance policy and coverages before coming to our office and to read all paperwork they are signing. We strive to help you understand your coverages, but please do not leave a negative review based on what your insurance will or will not cover. 

Our business survives and thrives off of referrals and recommendations. So we appreciate the opportunity to make things right. Thank you.



12. I am feeling sick and have an appointment scheduled at your office, am I able to still come in?

If you are feeling sick or having ANY symptoms including but not limited to coughing, sore throat, sneezing, fever, chills, vomiting, etc., we kindly ask that you do not come in for your appointment. In this situation you may not be penalized for a late cancellation (subject to discretion by Renew Dermatology). Please also be aware that we will not be able to reschedule you to come back into the office until you are 2 Weeks symptom free. If you are unsure if you should come in, please call us in the office to discuss your situation. Thank you!


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